Teaching & Learning

At St Katherine’s School our curriculum provides an inclusive broad, well-balanced education whilst meeting the abilities, aptitudes and interests of individual students. Our aim is to provide an inspiring curriculum within a safe and caring environment. We understand that students will need a variety of skills and knowledge in order to compete in the global jobs market that they will enter. Our curriculum is structured in order to maximise the future choices of the students as they move forward into the 21st Century and to allow individuals to develop as valued members of our extended community.

Details about each subject can be found on the individual faculty pages.

Catering & Hospitality

The Faculty

Mr P Mingo-West Chef Manager/Lead Practioner
Mrs G Chu Training Restaurant Chef

The Catering and Hospitality industry is made up of many sectors, including hotels, restaurants, pubs, visitor attractions, events management and contract catering.  At St Katherine’s we offer Level 2 and 3 BTEC courses in hospitality that will give our students a taste of the huge range of job opportunities which exist in this young and dynamic service industry.

Learning takes place in our state of the art professional kitchens and training restaurant – The Leaf at Ham Green.  St Katherine’s is the only school in the nation to have full professional catering facilities including kitchens and a licensed fine-dining restaurant that is open every Thursday during term-time to paying customers.  This gives our students the chance to gain valuable practical experience under the watchful eye of their tutors.

We also offer Chef Apprenticeships through our Post-16 centre in conjunction with our partners, Weston College.  Apprentices will be able to enjoy all the support of a large college, whilst still being part of a Sixth Form community.   We work with a large number of employer partners including restaurants, hotels and even management companies in the Bristol area to provide the best environment for apprentices to do their training.

Citizenship & PSHE

All KS3 students have one Citizenship lesson per fortnight. Education in citizenship equips young people with the knowledge, skills and understanding to play an effective role in public life. Citizenship encourages them to take an interest in topical and controversial issues and to engage in discussion and debate. It brings together personal, social and health education, work-related learning, careers, enterprise, and financial capability and includes Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) and Drugs education.

Citizenship lessons are taught by a variety of St Katherine’s teaching staff. They are coordinated by Ms Ferguson and also include some sessions lead by specialists from the community.

Design, Art & Technology

The Faculty

Mr S Simmons Head of Faculty
Ms E Tallis Head of Art and Design
Mrs R Cameron Teacher of Art and Design
Mrs K Hobley Teacher of DAT
Mrs T Gudonis Teacher of DAT (Maternity Leave)
Miss R Thomas Teacher of DAT (Maternity Cover)
Miss J Walker Teacher of DAT (Maternity Cover)
Mrs A Clark Food, Textiles and Art Technicial
Mr P Mitchell Workshop Technician

The Faculty comprises two subject areas:-

  • Art and Design
  • Design Technology

We have three specialist Art and Design classrooms, a Textiles room, Food room, Design/CAD studio and two well-equipped workshops.


The Faculty

Ms J Jefferson Head of English
Mrs H Weatherson Subject leader Media Studies
Ms I Wild Second in English
Mrs S Lomax Teacher of English
Mr G Davies Teacher of English
Miss E Myers Teacher of English
Mr H Southon Teacher of English
Mrs C Wilson LSA
Mrs M Morrison Learning Mentor


The Faculty

Miss M Cave Assistant Headteacher/Head of Humanities
Mr I Murdoch Head of Philosophy & Belief/Teacher of Humanities
Miss E Schofield Head of Year 10/Teacher of Humanities
Ms C Ferguson Head of PSHCE/Teacher of Humanities
Mr A McLean Head of Geography
Miss R Wilsher Teacher of Humanities

Humanities is about people: how people create the world they live in and how the environment makes people who they are.  The faculty incorporates Geography, History and Philosophy & Belief at Key Stages 3 and 4. We focus on the students’ whole learning experience, encouraging them to learn about issues and to examine their own values and attitudes as individuals.

The three main subjects are taught discretely by subject specialists. Having a Humanities Faculty allows us to share good practice across the subjects and draw on, and emphasise cross curricular links.

ICT & Business Studies

The Faculty

Mr M Green Head of ICT and Business Faculty
Mrs H Shephard Teacher of ICT and Business Studies
Mr J Humphreys Deputy Headteacher/Teacher of ICT

ICT is constantly evolving and is essential to the way we live and work.  We offer students the opportunity to work with and learn about as many different forms of ICT as possible.  We have 4 main computer suites and specialist computer facilities in the Art & Design and Technology faculties. All computers are networked and linked to the internet.

St Katherine’s is committed to developing its ICT provision in terms of curriculum development and access to hardware and software with a 5 year plan to improve resources for all. The ICT curriculum is taught by the ICT and Business Studies Faculty.


The Faculty

Mr S Birtle Head of Mathematics
Mr R Walter Assistant Headteacher/Maths Teacher
Mr T Astill Maths Teacher
Miss R Hosey Maths Teacher
Miss C Perry Maths Teacher
Mr S Mullins Numeracy Intervention Mentor

Media Studies


The GCSE Media course is 50% coursework (based on TV drama, film posters and CD cover design) and 50% exam (television and online drama).

Able Gifted and Talented
Courses and Qualifications
GCSE Media Studies WJEC GCSE Media Studies
AS Media Studies OCR AS Media Studies
A2 Media Studies WJEC A2 Media Studies
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Modern Foreign Languages

The Faculty

Mrs G Maringo Head of  Modern Foreign Languages
Camille Aubret Teacher of French
Maria Sanchez Teacher of French and Spanish

Performing Arts

The Faculty

Mr J Hutchens Head of Performing Arts
Miss A Adams Head of Music
Miss L Tovey Teacher of Drama

Performing Arts is a great way to build confidence for communication by equipping students with performance skills and encouraging creativity in Drama and Music.  The faculty enables students to work individually and in teams as students collaborate to create excellent performances. These are essential transferable skills for the whole of their lives. With a positive energy, promote creative thinking and give rich feedback to learners. This means our students thrive and develop into confident and articulate performers. A large variety of opportunities are offered to develop excellence in performance through lessons, school productions, Musical evenings, concerts and gigs.

Physical Education & Sport

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The Faculty

Mr D Cook Head of PE
Miss G Ball Deputy Head of PE
Mr A Thomas Teacher of PE / Head of Year 8
Mrs H Price Teacher of PE / Head of Year 11

Miss R Wilsher

Teacher of PE

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The Faculty

Mr A Francis Black Assistant Headteacher/Head of Science/Physics Teacher
Miss Z  Ivey 2nd in Science/Biology Teacher
Mr D Hanks Head of Teaching & Learning/Biology Teacher
Mrs J Brooke Head of Year 9/Biology & Chemistry Teacher
Mr T Hodgson Deputy Head of Sixth Form/Chemistry Teacher
Mrs K Quick Physics Teacher
Miss E Andrews Science Teacher
Mrs A Helliar Lead Science Technician
Mr C Wilson Science Technician

The Science department has undergone rapid change over the last two years with the introduction of exciting and relevant schemes of learning accompanied by a gradual move towards online assessment which provides detailed feedback, showing students how they can improve. As a consequence GCSE results have risen by 20% with almost 7 out of 10 students achieving two or more good GCSEs in Science subjects.

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)


Being part of STEMNET creates opportunities to inspire young people at St Katherine’s in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This enables young people to develop their creativity, problem-solving and employability skills, widens their choices and supports the UK’s future competitiveness.

STEMNET helps encourage young people to be well informed about STEM, able to engage fully in debate, and make decisions about STEM related issues.

The Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge

Over the past 3 years our Key Stage 3 students have been involved in the Jaguar (car company) Challenge. This is a national schools competition where students plan a grand prix race using a computer program (Maths in Motion). It involves a number of mathematical skills including measuring lengths and angles, calculating percentages , planning pit stops and working out fuel consumption. In the past we have reached the quarter finals.

STEM in the Sixth Form

The STEM sixth form tutor groups have enjoyed visits from STEM ambassadors.

Past ambassador visitors have included:

  • Rory Shanks – Civil Engineering student Bristol University discussed Pathways into Engineering
  • Caroline Evans – a Phd student sponsored by AstraZeneca discussed careers in Chemistry and the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Simon Stevens – Centre for Research in Analytical, Materials and Sensor Science at UWE discussed careers in Science
Past STEM events
  • Green power electric powered racing car, raced at Castle Combe
  • Science Club, including Rocket building and filming from the rockets
  • Astronomy Club, including the night sky dome
  • Design an iphone app club, KS3 students designing and producing a working iphone app
  • Trojan Horse Club, designing and making a 3 metre high Trojan horse for use in a Greek play with students studying Classics and Product Design
  • Kite Club in the summer term

BTEC Qualifications

At St Katherine’s BTECs can be taken at two levels First and/or National. The BTEC First Award is a vocational qualification at Level 2 or Level 1. The Level 2 grade is the equivalent of a GCSE grade between A*-C (dependant upon final grade achieved), the Level 1 grade is equivalent to a GCSE grade between D and G. The course is designed to give students a good grounding to progress onto the BTEC National courses in a related subject. The First Award courses are normally assessed across 4 units with one of the units being assessed externally through a written or online examination.

Students are graded with a pass, merit or distinction (highest achievable); these grades are collated at the end of the course and students awarded either Distinction* (A* at GCSE), Distinction (A at GCSE), Merit (B at GCSE), Pass (C at GCSE) or a Level 1 Pass ( D – G at GCSE). Students who wish to progress onto a BTEC National Diploma will usually need to attain merit grades or above in order to meet the entry requirements.

BTEC National courses are Level 3; a Level 3 Certificate course is equivalent to an AS level, a Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma is equivalent to one A2 award and a Level 3 Diploma is equivalent to two A2 awards. These courses are particularly suitable for those who have strong inclinations towards a particular vocational career, starting with technical level posts and leading, after experience, to supervisory and enterprise management posts. These courses also suit those students who find terminal examinations difficult as the majority of the work is coursework based. The usual entry requirement is at least four GCSE subject passes at A*, A, B or C grades.

At St. Katherine’s we offer:

Level 2 Courses
  • Pearson BTEC Level1/Level 2 First Award in Sport
  • Pearson BTEC Level1/Level 2 First Award in Performing Arts
  • Pearson BTEC Level1/Level 2 First Award in Music
  • Pearson BTEC Level1/Level 2 First Award in Business
  • Pearson BTEC Level1/Level 2 First Award in Hospitality
Level 3 Courses
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Business
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science (Forensic Science)
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Hospitality
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Sport
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport
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