We hope that you will find being a student at St Katherine’s is a wonderful experience.

Make the most of your time with us by finding out about, and joining any clubs and extra-curricular activities that you may be interested in.  Use the LRC, it is well stocked with everything you could need to enhance your learning.

Above all, make wise choices to get the most from every day and become a successful learner.

Careers Advice and Work-Related Learning

Here at St Katherines School we aim to guide, support and empower students to make informed decisions about their future.  Our careers programme is integrated throughout the school from years 7 to 13 to meet the requirements of the Gatsby Benchmarks which are embedded in the government’s career strategy.  This enables students to maximise their own potential and go onto a career that they will not only enjoy but thrive in.

We provide a wide range of activities throughout the year designed to engage, encourage and inspire out students to think about their own future.  For example:

  • Year 7 and 8 trip to the Big Bang Science Fair
  • Barclays Life Skills Training
  • Year 10 trip to World Skill Show
  • Year 10 Work Experience week
  • Year 11 one to one with careers coach
  • 6th form interview and skills day
  • 6th Form work experience
  • Regular school careers displays
  • Pathways Employability Program
  • Regular talks from employers for all year groups 
The Careers Team
Any pupil who would like careers advice can contact Ms Gardiner anytime to arrange a meeting.


We hope that you share in our belief that secondary education is not only academic but a time to develop life skills and knowledge outside of the classroom.

There are many clubs to join, run by our enthusiastic teachers, including a wide range of sports, humanities, community and charitable projects. Our performing arts faculty stage spectacular annual whole shcool production is as good as many professional shows. Outside school we are actively involved in the annual Pill Music Festival.

Please click on the links to the left for more details on our extracurricular activities.

Homework & Independent Learning

We aim to promote homework as an essential part of a good education.  We want to develop in our students a work ethic that is charactersed by an engagement in learning and a commitment to doing their best.  Homework has the potential not only to reinforce independence but also help to develop skills and attitudes students need to be successful and beyond their time at St Katherine’s

We use the Class Charts online portal to set homework, both students and parents/carers are given unique Class Charts logins so they can keep up to date with homework tasks.

If you have more than one child at the school, or multiple schools, you can use the same parent account to view updates for all your children.

Class Charts login

Please note:  Class Charts replaces Show My Homework.

Time spent on homework

As a guide, Year 7 should spend one hour per night on homework; Year 8 one hour fifteen minutes; Year 9 one hour 30 minutes; Year 10 and 11 up to two hours. You will need to spend more time on homework around coursework deadlines and exam revision.

Completing homework

Parents receive feedback on their child’s homework record as part of the progress check cycle.

Failure to complete homework or failure to complete it to an acceptable standard will be logged centrally by class teachers and a PL detention will be issued to complete the work.

Notification letters will be sent home to parents of students who persistently do not complete homework and we will request a meeting with you if there is no improvement.  This is because not keeping up with Home Learning may have begun to have a detrimental effect on the student’s progress in their subject.

We use the Hegarty Maths interactive website for all maths homework.   The website features thousands of practice questions and carefully planned tutorial videos designed to support students as they work towards mastering maths at St Katherine’s.

Each week every student will be assigned one task requiring them to recall a skill they have previously seen in class. They will have a homework exercise book which they need to present to their maths teacher at the start of each week to demonstrate the method they have used.  This student guide explains how to access the site and any work set.  


Our House system is the bedrock of our school community and the pastoral care we pride ourselves in. It is designed to unlock the limitless potential of every pupil and help them excel in everything they set out to do. It provides pupils with enrichment and leadership opportunities through a range of inter-house activities including academic events, sporting events and fun competitions – with every House aiming to be crowned the annual St Katherine’s School House Champions.

Key points about the St Katherine’s House system:

  • From Year 8 all pupils are overseen by their Head of House who has lead responsibility for their pastoral care and personal development.
  • Each pupil is in a tutor group aligned to their House which they stay in throughout their school career. We aim to put siblings in the same House.
  • Year 7 join a House when they start at St Katherine’s but remain as a single year group to support them as they settle into secondary school life.
  • Their key point of contact is Ms Ball, Transition Learning Manager
  • Year 12 and 13 students have separate tutor groups but are affiliated to a House, acting as positive role models, mentors and leaders to younger students in their House.
  • All teachers, support staff and governors belong to a House too.
  • Each House has pupils elected as House Captain and Vice-Captain (plus House Sports Captains)

Our House names represent individuals who have made a significant contribution to their community and represent our core values.

Pankhurst House
Emmeline Pankhurst was a British political activist and leader of the British suffragette movement who helped women win the right to vote in 1918. 
Head of House: Iain Murdoch; House Colour: Green

Pankhurst House Parent Presentation September 2018

Stephenson House
Paul Stephenson is a community worker, activist and long-time campaigner for civil rights for the British African-Caribbean community in Bristol. Paul Stephenson is a Freeman of the City of Bristol and was awarded an OBE in 2009.
Head of House: Andy Thomas; House Colour: Red

Stephenson House Parent Presentation September 2018

Turing House
Alan Turing conceived modern computing. He played a crucial part in the Allied victory over Nazi Germany in WW2. Despite his contributions to the war effort he was persecuted for being homosexual before dying in 1954. He received a pardon from the Queen in 2013.
Head of House: Hannah Price; House Colour: Blue

Turing House Parent Presentation September 2018

Yousafzai House
From the age of 11, Malala Yousafzai campaigned for girls to be given an education in Pakistan. At 15, the Taliban attempted to assassinate her through shooting her, but she survived and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. Today Malala campaigns for all to have an education across the world. 
Head of House: Esther Andrews; House Colour: Yellow

Yousafzai House Parent Presentation September 2018

Keeping Safe

Online Safety

 The following bullet points are intended as a guide to protect you whilst using computers and the internet:

  • Only use the school’s computers for schoolwork and homework.
  • Only delete your own files.
  • Do not look at other people’s files without their permission.
  • Keep your login and password secret.
  • Do not bring files into school without permission.
  • Ask permission from a member of staff before using the Internet and do not visit Internet sites you know to be banned by the school.
  • Only e-mail people you know, or that your teacher has approved.
  • The messages you send, or information you upload, must always be polite and sensible.
  • Do not open an attachment, or download a file, unless you have permission or know and trust the person who has sent it.
  • Do not give your home address, phone number, send a photograph or video, or give any other personal information that could be used to identify you, your family or your friends, unless your teacher has given permission.
  • Never arrange to meet someone you have only ever previously met on the Internet or by email, unless your parent, guardian or teacher has given permission and take a responsible adult with you.
  • If you see anything you are unhappy with or you receive a message you do not like, do not respond to it but do tell a teacher / responsible adult.

If you have got yourself into an awkward situation, and you need to help to sort it out, speak to Mr Southon.

General Safety

At St Katherine’s School we are committed to keeping you safe.  The member of staff in charge of child protection is Mr Southon. He is the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Sometimes adults hurt children or make them feel bad or afraid.  This should not happen – but if it happens to you, we are here to help you.

Below are some examples of abuse that young people may experience, if any of these acts are happening to you, please talk to a member of staff:

  • Physical abuse – when an adult deliberately hurts a child, such as hitting, shaking, throwing, poisoning, burning, drowning or suffocating.
  • Neglect – where a child is not being looked after properly, for example, not getting enough to eat or being left alone in dangerous situations.
  • Emotional abuse – when a child is continuously blamed for everything, or told they are stupid and made to feel unhappy.
  • Sexual abuse – where a child has been forced to take part in sexual activities or in the taking of rude photos.
  • Bullying and cyberbullying
  • Teenage relationship abuse
  • Gangs and youth violence

Please remember you can talk to any member of staff about anything that you are worried or concerned about.

Library Resource Centre

The team Opening hours
Ms Wyld – Chartered Librarian

8.15am until registration (except Mondays)
Break time
Lunchtime (closed 12.30 to 1pm)
After school until 3.30pm
What does the library offer students?
  • Fiction books – a wide ranging collection, covering many interests and all ability levels
  • Non-fiction books – curriculum titles to extend learning, plus hobbies and general interest
  • Newspapers & magazines – two national and one local  newspaper every day plus a range of general interest magazines
  • DVDs – to support texts covered in English
  • 12 computers – bookable for schoolwork during breaks, printing is available
  • Study space
  • Board games – to play during break
  • Revision Guides – recommended by teachers
  • Manga Mania – a student led club every Monday lunchtime

Map of the School

Click on the tab below for a map of the school.

Praises and Consequences

St Katherine’s School has high expectations of its students’ behaviour in all regards, on the way to and from school, in the classroom, during social time as well as on school trips.  Whilst they are in school, Teachers are the ‘carers’ of all the students and will do their best to help and support your child.  However students must take responsibility for their behaviour.

Ready to Learn encourages, supports and rewards positive behaviour in all aspects of school life. Our praise system is clear and easy for parents and pupils to understand and straightforward for staff to apply.

Frequent praise and reward are embedded in our teaching and learning at St. Katherine’s School so pupils receive recognition for their positive contributions to school life. We believe that every pupil should have their contribution acknowledged and when appropriate rewarded. This recognition:

  • builds pupil self-esteem and confidence.
  • helps create a positive learning environment.
  • highlights the importance of good behaviour.
  • encourages pupils to take part in a variety of activities.
  • encourages pupils to strive for more.

PRAISE POINTS (P’s)  are linked to each of our ten school values:


Praise Points are also awarded for community acts of kindness and where a pupil has gone ‘above and beyond’. Praise Points are recorded on Class Charts, our pupil/parent information portal. We also recognise Accelerated Reader achievements through Class Charts.

Praise Postcards – Completed by staff and passed to your child to take home

Head of School commendations – A meeting with the Head of School and a letter posted home to recognise a significant achievement

We also recognise pupil effort and achievement with:

  • Termly Celebration of Achievement evenings with Head of House/Transition Learning Manager
  • Annual Celebration assemblies with the Head of School
  • Best of the Best celebration in the summer term.

Ready to Learn

Our ethos, ‘learning together, succeeding together, inspiring excellence’ epitomises our approach at St Katherine’s.

We challenge everyone within our school community to live and breathe our values evey day:


Our 3Rs (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience) underpin our conversations with pupils so everyone understands our expectations.

In summary a St Katherine’s pupil is expected to:

  • be respectful by listening and speaking politely
  • be responsible by arriving on time and fully equipped
  • be resilient by remaining on task and working hard


Every pupil at St Katherine’s has the right to learn in an environment that is free from disruption where all pupils can learn and all teachers can teach

Expectations of all pupils

Our expectations of all pupils are very clear. Pupils must meet our expectations and take responsibility for being a St Katherine’s pupil by being Ready to Learn. If a member of staff asks a pupil to do something, they must do it. We will always use clear language in our expectations – “This is a reasonable request. I expect a reasonable response”.  If the pupil refuses or walks away they will be sent to the Ready to Learn room.

In the classroom and around the school pupils are expected to:

Be respectful
· Treat everyone and everything with respect at all times
· Listen carefully and follow all staff instructions first time
· Listen when others are talking
· Put your hand up and avoid calling out
· Respect school property
· Speak appropriately with no bad language or prejudicial bullying language or behaviour
· Engage when being spoken to and never walk away
· Show good manners i.e.holding doors open for each other, greeting visitors politely
· Clear away after yourself
· Respect the needs of others
· Keep left in corridors and avoid contact

Be responsible
· Have a positive attitude
· Be punctual
· Show kindness every day
· Arrive in class within 3 minutes of the bell
· Have all the required equipment
· Keep mobiles phones and earphones out of sight during tutor, lessons and lesson changeover
· Walk around the site and run only on the courts and fields
· Eat and drink outside or in the canteen at break time and/or lunchtime
· Go to the toilet at break time and lunchtime
· Put your litter in a bin
· Speak calmly to each other without shouting
· Wear all items of uniform correctly and with pride at all times
· Have a pass for incorrect uniform/items
· No involvement in serious incidents

Be resilient
· Work hard to complete all work to the best of your ability
· Understand and accept your own strengths and weaknesses
· Develop problem solving skills
· Self control
· Set personal goals with realistic expectations
· Learn from your mistakes
· Be willing to overcome difficulties rather than avoid problems
· Be optimistic in your thinking
· Refuse to give in when facing a challenge or set back
· Be able to recognise your own emotions and those of others
· Develop social skills and the ability to seek assistance from others

Student Support

Transport & Travel

Please click on the timetables below for details on Eurocoaches and Carmel Coaches (X5) bus routes.

Students can also use the FirstGroup’s X3 and X4 buses which travel between Bristol, Pill and Portishead and stop near St Katherine’ s School.   The X4 stops outside the school, the X3 stops 5-10 minutes walk away on the A369.  Please visit for full timetables.

Please note, the bus stops listed on the route maps are purely to illustrate the route and may not be accurate with regard to ‘stops’, there are many more stops than we have been able to list.

Our school Travel booklet is available to download below. St Katherine’s encourages students to use sustainable transport.

Click here for the ‘Better by Bike’ website that provides advice and cycle routes in our area

Year 7 Transition

We know that the setp up from primary to secondary school can be a time of anxiety for most pupils (and parents and carers!) so we make every effort to ensure that starting at St Katherine’s is a smooth, happy experience.

Our Transition Learning Manager is Mrs Julie Ball who is highly experienced in transition and Year 7. Mrs Ball visits new pupils in their primary schools from around Easter time. Along with meeting new pupils she discusses each child with their Year 6 child and/or key member of staff.

For pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, Mrs Ceri Rushworth, our Inclusion Manager will visit the school along with Mrs Ball. We hold additional translational visits for all pupils with special educational needs or who will need additional support to secure a smooth transition. This will include discrete induction sessions at St. Katherine’s.

Where pupils are coming to St. Katherine’s as the only pupil from their school we hold a special ‘singles’ event before our main transaction days so that these pupils and families feel confident and less anxious about joining St. Katherine’s.

We hold a two day induction programme in early July. These fun packed days combine taster St. Katherine’s lessons and the chance for all pupils to meet their new tutor and the children who will be in their tutor group.

On the evening of the second day we hold a meeting for parents/carers where there is an opportunity to meet the tutor and other key staff in a relaxed, informal setting. We conclude the evening with a barbecue.

For more information about starting at St Katherine’s read our Parent/Carer A-Z Handbook (Sept 18 edition)

Our Ready to Learn guide properly prepared to learn in every class.  This minimises disruptions in class so our teachers can focus on teaching and help every pupil maximise their progress and succeed.

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