We hope that you will find being a student at St Katherine’s is a wonderful experience.

Make the most of your time with us by finding out about, and joining any clubs and extra-curricular activities that you may be interested in.  Use the LRC, it is well stocked with everything you could need to enhance your learning.

Above all, make wise choices to get the most from every day and become a successful learner.

Homework & Independent Learning

We aim to promote homework as an essential part of a good education.  We want to develop in our students a work ethic that is charactersed by an engagement in learning and a commitment to doing their best.  Homework has the potential not only to reinforce indpendence but also help to develop skills and attitudes students need to be successful and beyone their time at St Katherine’s

We set homework online, click here  ‘Show My Homework’ to check what Home Learning projects you have, and when they are due.  Copies of the homework will be emailed to students and information may also be included n planners.

Letters are sent home at the start of Year 7 giving log in details and more information. Students can request a reminder of their PIN at any point throughout the year.

Time spent on homework

As a guide, Year 7 should spend one hour per night on homework; Year 8 one hour fifteen minutes; Year 9 one hour 30 minutes; Year 10 and 11 up to two hours. You will need to spend more time on homework around coursework deadlines and exam revision.

Completing homework

Parents receive feedback on their child’s homework record as part of the progress check cycle. 

Failure to complete homework or failure to complete it to an acceptable standard will be logged centrally by class teachers and a PL detention will be issued to complete the work.

Notification letters will be sent home to parents of students who persistently do not complete homework and we will request a meeting with you if there is no improvement.  This is because not keeping up with Home Learning may have begun to have a detrimental effect on the student’s progress in their subject.

We use the Hegarty Maths interactive website for all maths homework.   The website features thousands of practice questions and carefully planned tutorial videos designed to support students as they work towards mastering maths at St Katherine’s.

Each week every student will be assigned one task requiring them to recall a skill they have previously seen in class. They will have a homework exercise book which they need to present to their maths teacher at the start of each week to demonstrate the method they have used.  This student guide explains how to access the site and any work set.  

Behaviour for Learning

St Katherine’s School has high expectations of students’ behaviour in all regards, on the way to and from school, in the classroom, during social time as well as on school trips.

Whilst students are in school, Teachers are the adults responsible for managing behaviour. They will do their best to help and support, but students must take responsibility for their choices.

Expected behaviour
  • Wear school uniform correctly, on the way to, from, and in school
  • Persevere with your work, aim to achieve
  • Never make somebody feel worthless because of who they are
  • Act with courtesy and consideration towards others
  • Keep the site tidy and put all litter in waste bins
  • Leave classrooms tidy and ready for the next class
  • Respect the whole environment (including displays, notice boards) and walk on the paths
  • Keep “within bounds” at all times
  • Be on time for registration and all lessons
  • Move sensibly, quietly and swiftly around the school. (Keep left on stairs and in corridors, follow the one way system in teaching areas)
  • Sign in at the Student Support office if you arrive after 8.50am or 2.00pm. (If you need to leave school for any reason please sign out)
  • Do not ride your bicycle in school
  • No eating or drinking in between lessons
  • Use the toilets during breaks and lunchtime (in exceptional circumstances you may use the toilet during a lesson, planners must be signed)

Please click here to see our vision and values.

Please see the attachments below for further detail on expected behaviour.


Teachers are in the position of parents/carers while you are in school.  They will do their best to help and support you.

  • There is no excuse for bad language, rudeness or disrespect towards staff
  • Any reasonable request from staff should be carried out at once, without argument
  • St Katherine’s School, in common with all North Somerset Schools, is a ‘No Smoking’ site
  • The following items are not permitted: chewing gum, canned drinks and glass bottles, tobacco products, matches, smoking materials, illegal drugs or substances, weapons. These items will be confiscated in line with our Drugs Policy
  • Mobile devices  must be switched off during lessons

Keeping Safe

Online Safety

 The following bullet points are intended as a guide to protect you whilst using computers and the internet:

  • Only use the school’s computers for schoolwork and homework.
  • Only delete your own files.
  • Do not look at other people’s files without their permission.
  • Keep your login and password secret.
  • Do not bring files into school without permission.
  • Ask permission from a member of staff before using the Internet and do not visit Internet sites you know to be banned by the school.
  • Only e-mail people you know, or that your teacher has approved.
  • The messages you send, or information you upload, must always be polite and sensible.
  • Do not open an attachment, or download a file, unless you have permission or know and trust the person who has sent it.
  • Do not give your home address, phone number, send a photograph or video, or give any other personal information that could be used to identify you, your family or your friends, unless your teacher has given permission.
  • Never arrange to meet someone you have only ever previously met on the Internet or by email, unless your parent, guardian or teacher has given permission and take a responsible adult with you.
  • If you see anything you are unhappy with or you receive a message you do not like, do not respond to it but do tell a teacher / responsible adult.

If you have got yourself into an awkward situation, and you need to help to sort it out, speak to Mr Southon.

General Safety

At St Katherine’s School we are committed to keeping you safe.  The member of staff in charge of child protection is Mr Southon. He is the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Sometimes adults hurt children or make them feel bad or afraid.  This should not happen – but if it happens to you, we are here to help you.

Below are some examples of abuse that young people may experience, if any of these acts are happening to you, please talk to a member of staff:

  • Physical abuse – when an adult deliberately hurts a child, such as hitting, shaking, throwing, poisoning, burning, drowning or suffocating.
  • Neglect – where a child is not being looked after properly, for example, not getting enough to eat or being left alone in dangerous situations.
  • Emotional abuse – when a child is continuously blamed for everything, or told they are stupid and made to feel unhappy.
  • Sexual abuse – where a child has been forced to take part in sexual activities or in the taking of rude photos.
  • Bullying and cyberbullying
  • Teenage relationship abuse
  • Gangs and youth violence

Please remember you can talk to any member of staff about anything that you are worried or concerned about.

Careers Advice

The Careers Guidance programme is led by the PSHCE Co-ordinator and followed in Years 7-11 in PSHCE lessons.

Students in Year 10 undertake Work Experience for a week in July.  Students find their own placements with help from their parents/carers, advice from their tutors and the work experience co-ordinator.

Year 10 and 11 take part in a variety of careers activities in tutor time and as part of their collapsed afternoon programme. These include a Careers Fair, visits from local employers and colleges, as well as the opportunity to use careers websites such as

Careers Guidance in the sixth form consists of a tutorial programme led by Mr Ibrahim Head of Sixth Form. This includes Higher Education visits and speakers, Careers guidance interviews and regular academic monitoring. We have close links with, The University of Bristol, UWE and Weston College who run a programme of outreach and enrichment programmes.


The guide below is full of hints and tips on how candidates can work their way through registering, searching and applying for jobs on the Apprenticeship vacancy website.

Click on the link below for the “How to Apply for an Apprenticeship” film available on Youtube.

Click on the RSS feeds below for Apprenticeship vacancies.

You will need to be using a web browser which supports RSS feeds (this includes Internet Explorer 8).


The Apprenticeship Hub West bulletin is aimed at young people in school or college and shows the latest apprenticeship vacancies, a featured apprenticeship of the week and average salaries.

Click here for the West of England LEP Apprenticeship Hub website
Click here for the latest Apprenticeship bulletin

Useful websites

YES Newsletters

Click on the attachments below for the YES (Youth Employment Service) newsletters and prospectus.

Library Resource Centre

The team Opening hours
Ms Wyld – Chartered Librarian

8.15am until registration (except Mondays)
Break time
Lunchtime (closed 12.30 to 1pm)
After school until 3.30pm
What does the library offer students?
  • Fiction books – a wide ranging collection, covering many interests and all ability levels
  • Non-fiction books – curriculum titles to extend learning, plus hobbies and general interest
  • Newspapers & magazines – two national and one local  newspaper every day plus a range of general interest magazines
  • DVDs – to support texts covered in English
  • 12 computers – bookable for schoolwork during breaks, printing is available
  • Study space
  • Board games – to play during break
  • Revision Guides – recommended by teachers
  • Manga Mania – a student led club every Monday lunchtime

Map of the School

Click on the tab below for a map of the school.

Student Support


We hope that you share in our belief that secondary education is not only academic but a time to develop life skills and knowledge outside of the classroom.

There are many clubs to join, run by our enthusiastic teachers, including a wide range of sports, humanities, community and charitable projects. Our performing arts faculty stage spectacular annual whole shcool production is as good as many professional shows. Outside school we are actively involved in the annual Pill Music Festival.

Please click on the links to the left for more details on our extracurricular activities.

Transport & Travel

Please click on the timetables below for details on Eurocoaches and Carmel Coaches (X5) bus routes.

Students can also use the FirstGroup’s X3 and X4 buses which travel between Bristol, Pill and Portishead and stop near St Katherine’ s School.   The X4 stops outside the school, the X3 stops 5-10 minutes walk away on the A369.  Please visit for full timetables.

Please note, the bus stops listed on the route maps are purely to illustrate the route and may not be accurate with regard to ‘stops’, there are many more stops than we have been able to list.

Our school Transport booklet is available to download below. St Katherine’s encourages students to use sustainable transport.

Click here for the ‘Better by Bike’ website that provides advice and cycle routes in our area

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